Gym Membership Without the Membership Fee

For many people who are just getting into bodybuilding or who just want to get a little fitter the reality is that a gym membership can be an expensive waste of time, because they just don't have time to get to the gym often enough to make the expense worthwhile.

Some people take out a gym membership to try it out, but they end up only going to the gym a handful of times during the course of their year's membership, which may well have cost them hundreds of pounds. Such a waste of money. However, there is now another option that offers access to the latest gym equipment without the huge expense of a yearly membership fee.

These sort of new gyms, offered by companies like Kiss Gyms, are going to be ideal for the casual gym user or someone who just hasn't got the time to get to the gym very often, but wants to be able to use the best facilities at a reasonable cost when they can get there.

For those just getting into bodybuilding or perhaps the more experienced bodybuilder who does the majority of their training at home, but also appreciates the chance to go to a gym occasionally to use different equipment these “pay as you go” kind of gyms are absolutely perfect.

To date we have noticed a few of these new type of gyms opening up around the south of the UK. One of the first companies to set them up was with their Swindon, Acton and Milton Keynes gyms, but there will be sure to be many more to follow if they keep gaining in popularity.

With money tight for many it does seem to be something that could appeal to a lot of people and it offers a way for budding bodybuilders to access top class equipment and facilities without spending a fortune.

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