Triptorelin: A Honest and Unbiased Review

When it comes to building muscle, one simply cannot deny that various steroids and hormones can play a large role in this process. That isn’t to say that in order to build muscles, a person has to use these various compounds in order to do so. There are a huge number of bodybuilders and athletes in the world that choose to train 100 percent naturally.

On the flip side there are also a great deal who do indeed use these various compounds. There seems to be a huge amount of misinformation when it comes to steroids and hormones, as well as a certain stigma attached to the use of them. This article isn’t a debate about whether it’s right or wrong to use these chemicals.

Instead it’s for looking at one particular compound, a compound known as “Triptorelin” which is currently making waves in the bodybuilding and fitness world. In this article we’ll give you a honest and unbiased review about Triptorelin, to allow you, the readers, to get a better understanding of the substance.

Triptorelin is a compound derived from the decapeptide group. It is a compound which is generally used to stimulate the pituitary gland in the human body, which is responsible for the release of luteinizing hormone (LH).  On top of this, is also stimulates the follicle stimulation hormone (FSH).

Because of this, many bodybuilders use Triptorelin as a “jumpstart chemical”, as it begins to stimulate the release of the hormones mentioned above, almost immediately. Anybody thinking of using this compound should seek all the medical advice and information that they possibly can beforehand. 

Triptorelin has been known to significantly reduce the levels of testosterone found in the human body. This is known as a “flare effect” because these changes happen so quickly and so suddenly. These effects are extremely serious , as large doses of around 4mg or more, per month are actually being used as a form of chemical castration, which is a method of reducing the libido and sexual activity in a person.

Despite this, studies have shown that if the substance is used in the recommended lower levels – no more than 600 mcg (Micro milligrams), the “flare effect” in testosterone levels never occurs.  A person using Triptorelin should absolutely NOT EXCEED more than 1mg within twelve months, or they are at risk of the castration like effects, rearing their ugly heads.

Recent studies also suggest that Triptorelin is much more effective when injected, rather than taken orally. As well as the muscle building side of things, Triptorelin is also being considered as a potential treatment for Estrogen-dependent diseases and is even currently being used as a treatment for certain types of Cancers, namely prostate and breast Cancer. 

Again, it is being used to treat prostate Cancer due to its ability to reduce the levels of Testosterone in the body. Prostate Cancer requires a supply of Testosterone so it can grow, if the testosterone is taken away, the cancer cannot spread and could even die.

Remember, if you are thinking of taking any new drug or chemical then it’s important to seek medical advice and find out as much information as you can beforehand.

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